ANZAP Membership Application Form


Before sending this form please check that you have the following documents to upload (PDF or JPG formats accepted):

  • Certified documentation of your psychotherapy qualifications.

  • Documentation of your post-qualification supervision.

  • A certified copy of your Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • The contact details of referees.

  • You have paid the $50 application fee PRIOR to submitting this form. If you have already made your payment, proceed with completing the application form below.


BSB: 032-069 | Acc: 469778

Please use your SURNAME as the identifier when making your payment

The Membership Secretary makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee of ANZAP. The final approval is at the discretion of the Executive Committee. You will be notified by email whether or not your application has been successful.

Make a donation

If you would like to donate to the ANZAP fund which will be used to subsidise training fees for ANZAP trainees experiencing financial disadvantage ($10, $20 $50 or $100):


Apply for membership

Applicant Information

Contact Information


Membership Category

For which membership category are you applying?


Professional background

What do you currently do professionally?

(Please include details of your work role elaborating any psychodynamic psychotherapy practice in which you are engaged and how long you have undertaken this role)


What relevant positions have you formerly held?

(Please elaborate psychodynamic psychotherapy or related work posts you have held prior to your current role including dates and duration


Are you a member of any professional associations or bodies?

Please list together with the period of time you have held such memberships.


Are you registered with any professional organisations (medical board, nursing board, APS, etc)?

Please list together with period of time registration has been held.


Academic Qualifications

Please state your qualifications, including year obtained and name of University or College.


Professional Practice (past 2 years)



Training and experience in psychotherapy

1. Psychotherapy Qualification:

Post Graduate: Please attach documentation showing that you have completed a post-graduate course in psychotherapy that has included at least 200 hours of didactic teaching, and at least 100 hours of supervision linked to 150 hours of patient/client hours over a minimum of 3 years. You will need to attach certified* copies of your qualification and academic record. Please ensure details show the modality of the psychotherapy training eg psychodynamic, CBT etc

*certified means a copy signed by a Justice of the Peace. You will need to take the original as well as the copy. JPs are usually found Post Offices/Police Stations/Local Court Houses

Required Prior Learning (RPL): Please attach certified documentation of the credentials and experience that demonstrates equivalence to the post-graduate pathway. This is primarily for those therapists who trained before the availability of the current courses.

2. Post-Qualification Supervised Practice:

Please provide documentation that you have had at least 2 years of post-qualification supervision (and the type of supervision undertaken eg psychodynamic, CBT etc).

3. Personal Therapy

Reasons for applying for membership


Please read ANZAP Current Code of Ethics and sign the following statement.

Read the ANZAP Current Code of Ethics here.

Professional Indemnity

Please provide a certified copy of your current Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Professional Referees

Please give the name, address, email and telephone number of referees who will be contacted. It is preferable that one should be an ANZAP member of more than five years standing.

NB: Your therapist cannot be a referee.

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Agreement of applicant.

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PO Box 3595

Key Contact: Anne Malecki. 
Ph: (02) 8004 9873 from Australia
Ph: (04) 887 0300 Toll free from New Zealand

First Point of Contact

Anne Malecki is responsible for the ANZAP Secretariat. She is the first point of contact for all matters. 

Telephone: AUS (02) 8004 9873