ANZAP trains, supervises and provides professional development for mental health and related professionals in The Conversational Model of Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

ANZAP is a training organisation which fosters the development and growth of psychotherapists who specialise in therapy for people with complex presentations. Human suffering is as old as time itself and so is the call to be with another in their distress, confusion and grief and to offer comfort. When suffering persists and cannot be adequately soothed and cannot be treated in the usual ways we can speculate that hidden outside of conscious awareness and beyond the reach of words there is a wounding which requires a certain kind of attention. Psychotherapists trained in the Conversational Model of Psychotherapy have an in depth understanding of the impact of developmental history on the neurobiology of the brain and the role of connection and relationship in the healing process. Embedded within the therapeutic conversation are the clues which lead therapist and client on a journey of discovery and exploration of the life of the inner world. The safety and trust found in the therapeutic relationship when it is nurtured over time allows for a narrative to be found and with it a stronger connection to the sense of self and the richness found in life when all parts of the self can be experienced and known. 

The training is for practitioners who are prepared to immerse themselves in knowledge and experiential skills which travel beyond the current offerings of the ‘happiness industry’ where deep seated pain is met with pharmaceutical cures and cognitive interventions, often with minimal effect in some people. 

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A foundational understanding of the origins of Complex Trauma with ongoing practical tutoring in the practise of psychodynamic therapy prepares the practitioner to be confident and effective and most importantly to enjoy the work of ‘being with’ in the therapeutic context. The training is as much about the growth of the practitioner as a Psychotherapist as it is a process of healing for the client. Client and therapist are held by a model which has evolved through the research and the input of experts in many fields. Within the organisation of ANZAP there is a network of experienced Psychotherapists who offer continued supervision, advice, support and seminars on the most recent developments in the field. It is a rich and diverse culture of personal and professional growth where the goal is to prepare therapists to work with clients who are ready to engage more fully in their own healing process by committing to psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Education with ANZAP

ANZAP continues to provide educational support post-graduation and throughout the career of the Psychotherapist. Members who wish to gain skills in areas beyond psychotherapy are welcome to join the vibrant Management Committee, or the education sub- committee or to contribute to the ANZAP Journal, there are multiple opportunities to become involved, to get to know other members  and to contribute. 

PIT-UK is our sister organisation in the UK. For more information on PIT-UK visit the website.


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The Conversational Model is an evidence-based approach for experienced practitioners working with complex trauma and personality disorders.


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Anne Malecki is responsible for the ANZAP Secretariat. She is the first point of contact for all matters. 

Telephone: AUS (02) 8004 9873

Email: info@anzap.com.au