Is open to psychotherapists trained in the Conversational Model.
Therapists trained in other models can apply for membership based on meeting criteria.


There are four categories of membership.  See Criteria for Memberships ByLaw for details of each membership category

Clinical Membership

For clinicians who have completed the ANZAP or Westmead psychotherapy training or one that is comparable, and who have several years’ experience in practicing psychodynamic psychotherapy with supervision and have undertaken their own psychodynamic psychotherapy

Graduate Membership

Students graduating from ANZAP training are automatically eligible for this membership. Graduates of comparable psychodynamic psychotherapy trainings are also welcome to apply

Associate Membership

For people with enthusiasm for engagement with psychodynamic psychotherapy who either can demonstrate a level of knowledge of psychotherapy or are students or graduates of psychotherapy or appropriate, related studies but who do not meet the relevant standards for Student, Graduate or Clinical Membership

Student Membership

This is for students of ANZAP, and they automatically hold this membership by virtue of being students of the training 


Benefits of ANZAP Membership

Clinical and Graduate members

  • Clinical members have the right to use ANZAP Registered Psychotherapist®  and be identified as a psychotherapist who meets ANZAP ethical, professional development and supervisory standards. Our trademark distinguishes ANZAP psychotherapists from others. 
  • Reduced fees for ANZAP Seminars/Workshops and ANZAP's Annual Conference
  • Clinical and Graduate Members can list on the ANZAP website under Find a Psychotherapist
  • Members who have graduated from the ANZAP Supervisor Training can list on Find a Supervisor making it easier to find an ANZAP Supervisor  
  • Clinical and Graduate Members can vote at the AGM

All members

  • ANZAP Library access
  • Professional support
  • ANZAP quarterly Bulletin
  • Access to a vibrant, innovative international community of psychotherapists 

ANZAP Application Form

ANZAP Post Qualification Supervision Hours Form

Guidelines for Applicants

  • There is a non-refundable Application fee of 38.50 AUD
  • Please complete the Application Form and the Post Qualification Supervision Hours Form
    Applicants may be offered an interview
  • The Membership Secretary will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee of ANZAP. The final approval is at the discretion of the Executive Committee
  • The successful applicant will be advised of the outcome
  • If unsuccessful, the applicant will be contacted, and given feedback and guidance as to how it would be possible to meet the requirements for membership
  • ANZAP Students are automatically granted Student Membership
  • Associate Membership is open to students of approved courses of psychotherapy or such other classes of persons as shall be designated by the Management Committee from time-to-time

Annual Membership Fee 2018-2019:

Clinical Membership - $410
Graduate Membership - $410
Associate Membership - $220


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Dr Eyal Rozmarin - Live streaming from both Sydney and Melbourne

Date: 24 Nov 2018

Rydges Sydney Central Hotel and Treacy Centre, Melbourne

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Melbourne Event - Dr Eyal Rozmarin - Co-hosted with IARPP

Date: 25 Nov 2018

Treacy Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville Victoria

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Responsibility, Blame and Forgiveness in the Clinical Setting

Date: 23 Feb 2019

Sydney University

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Attachment, Personality and the Conversational Model - impacts on the therapeutic relationship

Date: 23 Mar 2019

Sydney University

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Stephen Porges, Neurobiologist - a 90 Minute Interview

Date: 24 Aug 2019

Sydney University


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Key Contact: Anne Malecki. 
Ph: (02) 8004 9873 from Australia
Ph: (04) 887 0300 Toll free from New Zealand
Fax: (02) 9012 0546

First Point of Contact

Anne Malecki is responsible for the ANZAP Secretariat. She is the first point of contact for all matters. 

Telephone: AUS (02) 8004 9873



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