ANZAP provides training in a contemporary model of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.


ANZAP trains, supervises and provides professional development for mental health and related professionals in The Conversational Model of Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


The Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy (ANZAP) offers training in the Conversational Model, a process approach to the treatment of relational trauma. Since its founding at the Westmead Psychotherapy Unit (Sydney University) in the late nineteen eighties to provide training to non-medically trained candidates, ANZAP has continued to foster an open and inclusive organisational culture committed to the free exchange of ideas. These core ideals are reflected in its membership base that includes clinicians from a broad range of academic and professional training backgrounds. From its diverse constituency, ANZAP continues to provide and publish evidence-based research, recently in the fields of linguistics and neurophysiology, as well as ongoing expositions and critiques of a highly literary and philosophical nature to advance the clinical and theoretical underpinnings of the Model and therefore the psychotherapy training program itself; indeed, research interest is broad and extends to the United Kingdom where for several decades the University of Manchester and other centres have provided research and training in the Conversational Model. 

Together, these complementary approaches to the advancement of the training program and the model for which it stands reflect an organisation comprising a broad and rich representative body of professionals who value the humanities and sciences equally and who strive to keep an open mind and an outward orientation to the world of ideas. In a period of increasing acceptance by academic psychology, pharma-focused psychiatry, and orthodox psychoanalysis for the relational and intersubjective origins of both psychopathology and the generative self, ANZAP today is perhaps more relevant than ever as a home to the Conversational Model. With its model of psychotherapy evolving with the findings of neuroscience, developmental theory, trauma theory, memory research, linguistics and other diverse and interdisciplinary fields of study, including anthropology and philosophy, ANZAP has long embraced and developed ideas that are largely consistent with the relational turn that has spread across the developed world particularly over the last two decades. An active member of this wider community of psychotherapeutic approaches and clinical and theoretical orientations, ANZAP’s main contribution and immediate purpose is to continue to provide mental health professionals with solid clinically focused training in an evidence-based model that in terms of reduced hospitalisations, self-harm, and suicidality, has proven effective in the treatment of profoundly traumatised and significantly disorganized individuals.




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Anne Malecki is responsible for the ANZAP Secretariat. She is the first point of contact for all matters. 

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